Thursday, February 17, 2011

I LOVE Africa - Gimme More Of That!

Africa, our continent is by far thee most colorful and most vibrant of them all. I love being African and I don't mean the 'motherland-African-American-love' kinda way, I mean the real deal.!
The Culture-Rich continent of ours

Recently, I have found myself constantly drawn towards African inspired materials. I think I am going through some unconscious evolution - first it was cropping my hair then cutting it off completely and keeping it natural. Now I want to change my wardrobe to be more inspired by our lovely continent, Africa.

The lovely African sunset.

I want more of this in my wardrobe:

Give me more of Stoned-Cherrie in my wardrobe!

I want, I want, I want!!

Let my wardrobe be filled with more Ituen Basi, PLEASE.!

How awesome are these designs? Even paler skinned people rock 'em like that!

Agreed, that's some fantastic collision of worlds.!

In two months, this will be my daily way of dressing.

These shoes, these shoes man.......they were meant for showing off. Walking on them, well, its an added benefit!

One of my recently acquired burning goals , is to travel around Africa, I mean all around Africa. First up is .....Botswana then Zimbabwe. I would love to do Kenya right after Zim, gotta make that dough to afford all of this.

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